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Symtek Corporation, founded in 1975 in San Diego is one of the earliest manufacturers of test handlers for the semiconductor industry are still in business today, catering to the demand for some “old” packages that are still in production today despite the constant changes in the semiconductor market where new package type are always emerging.

Symtek handlers, considered “antique” by many, have not seen their end of life yet!

Symtek Corp, who owns the rights to all SymTek equipment, drawings and supplier database can breath new life into your “old” handler extending their worthiness by many years.

Why refurbish? - To breathe new life into your old handlers to make it run like new again, extending the life of your old handlers for many more years with.

• Factory poly bake paint.
• Improved ESD grounding, plating of parts.
• All worn tracks replaced with steel tracks.
• All seals, gaskets, bearings replaced.
• New fan motors, LN2 & N2 valves & plumbing.
• Temperature PCBA factory calibrated.
• New 6809, Temp Ctrl, Bi-drive, Hi-power PCBAs +Thorough QA check at room, hot, and cold.

Capabilities for new refurbished handler

Common systems are:

300 – 300mils PDIP, 8-28 leads Single Test Site

340 – 300mils PDIP, 8-28 leads Four Test Site

360 – 600mils PDIP, 24-48 leads, Single Test Site

429 – 029 Carriers. Flat pack 14 – 24 leads, TO-5, TO-8, TO-18, LCC 16-40. Single Test Site

439 – 039 Carriers. Flat pack 24-30 leads, Quad pack 32 lead. Single Test Site

(For models that you don’t see here, please send us your enquiries)

Also have the following to offer:

• Spare parts - all OEM parts

• Contactor Assemblies - for all systems, custom designs are also available.

Symtek 300 Refurbishment
S300 refurbs300 refurb top
s300 refurb test sites300 refurb front

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